Northeast Indiana Players with MLB Experience

Below is a listing of players with Northeast Indiana roots who have MLB experience. Note: this list was originally compiled by Jack Massucci and Bill Jones. If you happen to find any errors, misprints or omissions, please contact us.


Aydelott, Jake (1884); b. Manchester, IN [more info]

Bergman, Al (1916); b. Peru, IN [more info]

Billiard, Harry (1908); b. Monroe, IN [more info]

Bowen, Rob (2003); Homestead HS [more info]

Brandt, Billl (1941); b. Aurora, IN [more info]

Brown, Charlie (1897); b. Bluffton, IN [more info]

Cary, Scott (1947); b. Kendallville, IN [more info]

Curtis, Chad (1992); b. Marion, IN [more info]

Doster, David (1996); New Haven, HS [more info]

Everitt, Bill (1895); b. Fort Wayne, IN [more info]

Fisher, Maurice (1955); b. Uniondale, IN [more info]

Gaff; Brent (1982); Curubusco HS [more info]

Hargan, Steve (1965); FW South HS [more info]

Hargrave, Eugene “Bubbles” (1913); b. New Haven, IN [more info]

Hargrave, William “Pinky” (1923); b. New Haven, IN [more info]

Henline, Butch (1921); b. Fort Wayne, IN [more info]

Hisner; Harley (1951); Hoagland HS (Allen Co) [more info]

Inks, Bert (1891); b. Ligonier, IN [more info]

King, Jeff (1989); b. Marion, IN [more info]

Kinzer, Matt (1989); Norwell HS [more info]

Leibold, Nemo (1913); b. Butler, IN [more info]

Madrid, Sal (1947); Fort Wayne, IN (founded Wallen Baseball) [more info]

Maggert, Harl (1907); b. Cromwell, IN [more info]

McCarthy, Tom (1908); b. Fort Wayne, IN [more info]

Miller, Bruce (1973); Columbia City HS [more info]

Miller, Ralph (1920); b. Fort Wayne, IN [more info]

Nill, George “Rabbit” (1904); b. Fort Wayne [more info]

Prough, Bill (1912); b. Markle, IN [more info]

Reith, Brian (2001); FW Concordia HS [more info]

Replogle, Andy (1978); FW Snider HS [more info]

Robbins, Bruce (1979); Blackford HS [more info]

Roesler, Mike (1989); FW Luers HS [more info]

Schurr, Wayne (1964); Salem Center HS (DeKalb CO) [more info]

Schwind, Art (1912); b. Fort Wayne, IN [more info]

Scott; Everett (1914); b. Bluffton, IN [more info]

Shepherd, Keith (1992); Wabash HS [more info]

Somerlott, Jock (1910); b. Flint, IN [more info]

Spillers, Tom (1926); b. Monroeville, IN

Spurgeon, Freddy (1924); b. Wabash, IN [more info]

Stahl, Charles “Chick” (1897); b. Avilla, IN [more info]

Van Ryn, Ben (1996); East Noble HS [more info]

Wedge, Eric (1991); FW Northrop HS [more info]

Woehr, Anday (1923); b. Fort Wayne, IN [more info]

Young, Harley (1908); b. Portland, IN [more info]

Zeider, Rollie (1910); b. Auburn, IN [more info]